Europe - Brazil Cooperation

International Cooperation on cloud computing

The Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy covers a call for cooperation in digital matters at international level with Brazil. the efforts are focused on maintaing and further developing the openness of the European market in the digital sphere. Thus the adoption of cloud services should be supported and promoted globally. The Digital Single Market is able to build on the actions of the Cloud Computing Strategy of 2012.

Through ongoing ICT policy dialogues, the European Commission and Brazil are discussing aspects of key cloud-based services such as certification, code of conduct, model contract terms for cloud computing services and standards. To support the policy dialogues, a number of joint research initiatives are already in place. For research and innovation, the plan is to progress together towards joint technological approaches and reach consensus on future standards. This will guarantee a minimum level of interoperability and portability. The result will be more competition in the cloud services market.

In Horizon 2020 (H2020) the goal is to strengthen the collaboration on cloud computing through coordinated calls with selected international partners such as Brazil. The Commission expects that this focused research collaboration will futher benefit the on-going policy discussions with Brazil. Joint projects will address topics such as cloud interoperability and data portability, which were identified as areas of common interest through consultations with industry in all relevant countries.

In particualr, policy collaboration has included work on identifying barriers that may preclude the adoption of cloud-based services in the European Union (EU) and in Brazil. It also identified concrete joint initiatives to minimise such barriers.

The European Union and Brazil have identified barriers such as:

  • complexity of the legal framework (users’ rights, data location, data protection and privacy, including global aspects of these issues),
  • security (a lack of a common approach to security levels); a lack of common standards ,
  • for (interoperable) cloud computing services.




An EU-Brazil coordinated call on cloud computing, including security aspects, was published in the first Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014/2015 as part of the third Coordinated Call jointly funded by the EU and Brazil, which focuses on Advanced Cyber Infrastructures. Two research projects focussing on cloud computing technologies including security aspects have been selected: SecureCloud (2016-2018) and EUBRA-BIGSEA (2016-2018). A third one, EU-Brazil Cloud Forum (2016-2018) will define the research priorities for the next collaboration under work programme 2018-20. Ensuing projects will develop innovative technologies for cloud-based service provision that take security concerns into account. The EU-Brazil collaboration is expected to advance cloud-centric applications for Big Data, and go some way towards facilitating policy coordination between the EU and Brazil.



EUBra-BIGSEA is committed to making a significant contribution to the cooperation between Europe and Brazil in the area of advanced cloud services for Big Data applications. It facilitates the integration of European and Brazilian technologies and experiences to bring forward scientific innovation through a use case scenario approach that is important for both Europe and Brazil, furthermore it is looking into the current challenges, research and innovation opportunities and highlighting as well the relevant EU-Brazil joint effort initiatives in the areas addressed.

Read more  EUBra-BIGSEA Preliminary EU-Brazil Joint Action Plan Report

Fostering cooperation between Europe and Brazil - Strengthening links with research and business communities



The EU-Brazil Information Society Dialogue back in November 2015 concluded that Europe & Brazil should further engage on a dialogue on cloud computing that addresses cloud policy, personal data protection, transatlantic flows of data, portability of data, interoperability and remedies to avoid vendor lock-in - increading challeges of the today's digital society and markets. 

No single country can tackle the big issues alone, collaboration and technology transfer are pillars in the effort  to meet growing demands around big data, compute and storage to make innovation and research
more cost effective and accelerate discovery and delivery of innovative applications and service. 

EUBra-BIGSEA aims to do strenthen the already consolidated collaboration between Europe and Brazil and deliver a cloud framework for the development of distributed Big Data applications focusing particularly on the context of the massively connected societies and on improving citizen mobility. 

Eu-Brazil Policy Dialogue On Research And Innovation


“Research & Innovation” have been key aspects for cooperation between EU and Brazil.

At the EU-Brazil Summit, held on 24th of February, 2014, leaders of Brazil and the European Union met in Brussels to discuss the ways to foster the strategic partnership in key areas. 

In the Joint Statement, cooperation on research and innovation was proposed as a means of strengthening competitiveness, creating jobs, and addressing global challenges in areas such as sustainable development, climate change, environment, energy, human rights,and international cyber policy.

Focused Working Groups have been set up with the mandate to engage in a collaborative approach so as to capitalize on what exists, identify joint actions and timelines for implementation, as well as to monitor and report on implementation.


EU-BR cooperation in numbers

In force since 2007, the EU and Brazil Science & Technology Agreement has led to intensive collaboration activities in Research & Innovation (R&I) with more than 350 common projects.

Marine research, Information and Communication Technologies and Health (infectious diseases) have been among the main fields of cooperation.

Brazil ranks 5th in terms of participation among non-EU partners in Horizon 2020, the EU's framework programme for R&I and main instrument for cooperation.



7th EU-Brazil Summit Joint Statement - Brussels, 24 February 2014 

EUBrazilOpenBIo Joint Action Plan for an increase in EU-Brazil science & research cooperation - Action lines for future cooperation