CloudWATCH Europe 2017 - Enabling Innovation, Research and Growth in ICT for the Digital Single Market, 20th September 2017, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

When & Where?

CloudWATCH Europe 2017 is taking place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), on 20th September.

What is happening?

This is a unique event for policymakers, SMEs and start-ups to come together to understand how cloud computing is an enabler of innovation, growth and jobs in the Digital Single Market. Cloud computing is Europe’s single greatest technological enabler of digitalisation and economic growth, and is expected to contribute €957bn to GDP while creating 3.8m jobs by 2020. The shift towards ‘utility computing’ - where any business or organisation can access almost unlimited computing power in a hyper-connected global economy - can lower operational costs, unlock new markets, create new products and realise new opportunities, all far more quickly than before the advent of cloud.

During this one-day Summit, CloudWATCH will hear from pioneering SMEs, industry leaders and policy experts on how the European cloud computing market will be shaped in Europe over the next 3 years. You’ll find out about essential trusted and interoperable services meeting the needs of both the supply and demand side. You can also access essential guidance on issues of compliance and risk management.

Who should attend?

This event is open to senior stakeholders and decision makers across a range of organisations that look to understand the impact of cloud computing, shape policy within the digital single market and take away practical advice for their own organisations.

  • Startups - Network with peers and present new technological innovations.
  • SMEs - Access to expertise, tools and support in becoming ‘cloud ready’.
  • Corporate - Industry players supporting self-regulation and policy initiatives.
  • Government - Moving towards e-government, security and data governance.
  • Education - Transforming the way we think about high performance computing.
  • Research - Direct support for R&I project outputs, including funding advice.
  • Specialists - Security, legal, policy and financial experts providing ‘Clinics’.

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