Deliverable 7.5​ ​Routes​ ​for​ ​people​ ​application

The Routes for People application, core of this Deliverable D7.5, is a visual demonstrator of the integration of the result of the processing algorithms developed in WP7 for Sentiment Analysis, Crowdedness prediction, Traffic congestion estimation and Route recommendation. Routes for People is a web application that runs on top of the elastic infrastructure of BIGSEA that enables users to find best transportation routes in Brussels, Madrid, Valencia and Helsinki from Europe and Belo Horizonte, Campina Grande, Curitiba, Fortaleza, and Rio de Janeiro from Brazil.

All code from Routes for People is Open Source and accessible in GitHub at (repositories rfp-lb, rfp-web, rfp-db, docker-opentripplanner, and rfp-marathon-launch-scripts). A set of use cases and functional and nonfunctional requirements have been careful analysed to guide the validation of the system. The application integrates with security mechanisms of WP6, data integration from WP4 and uses the results of the data processed using algorithms implemented with WP5’s programming models. The application is the result of an intense cooperation among the partners, being the web application developed by the UPV, using the data collected by UPV, UFMG, UFCG and UFTPR, preprocessed by CMCC, UNICAMP and POLIMI data quality and privacy services, using the Authentication and Authorisation services of UC and integrating processing algorithms from UFCG and UFMG using BSC’s and UFMG programming models that rely on a infrastructure managed by UPV with the prediction models of POLIMI and UFMG.

As Deliverable D7.5 is of type “demo”, an extended video has been recorded and uploaded to youtube in showing the different functionalities of the application. The application is accessible under the URL (Site A) and it is freely open. Furthermore, for the latest updates, bug fixes, and features, please check our development environment at (Site B).