Deliverable 2.5 Final Action Plan Report

EUBra-BIGSEA is committed to generating significant impact on the cooperation between Europe and Brazil in the area of advanced cloud services for big data applications. EUBra-BIGSEA facilitates the integration of European and Brazilian technologies and experiences to bring forward scientific innovation through a use case scenario approach that is important for both Europe and Brazil.

The Preliminary Action Plan report (D2.3) provided an initial overview of current challenges, research and innovation opportunities, including an analysis of the priorities identified, highlighting as well the relevant EU-Brazil joint effort initiatives in the areas addressed.

The Plan is the first of two reports produced under EUBra-BIGSEA Task 2.3 “Joint EU Brazil Cloud Computing Research & Innovation Action Plan” focusing on outlining the joint EU Brazil cloud computing research and innovation action plans in the area of Quality of Service for cloud computing infrastructures; big data analytics; security and privacy; standards; portability and interoperability; smart cities and urban mobility planning. As a Preliminary Joint Action Plan, the D2.3 report delivered in M12 of the project covered the main challenges that EUBra-BIGSEA was addressing during the first year, providing an overview of recent developments and opportunities, while offering an initial plan aimed at boosting international cooperation and sharing of new expertise with other relevant initiatives in Europe and Brazil.

This Final Research & Innovation Action Plan (D2.5), further develops this analysis and discusses the potential socio-economic impact of the research roadmap proposed in EUBra-BIGSEA. It provides a detailed update of the EUBra-BIGSEA outputs in each of the discussed priority areas as well as an update on the potential and implemented collaboration activities. The EUBra-BIGSEA outputs should be seen as practical solutions developed by the project in response to the challenges outlined. Together with the synergies created with similar projects and initiatives, these provide a complete picture of the joint actions performed to enhance the international co-operation, knowledge and technology exchange between Europe and Brazil in the context of the EUBra-BIGSEA project.