Deliverable 2.3 - Preliminary Action Plan Report

Cloud computing, Big Data technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G communications and cyber security are the building blocks of the digital economy. The uptake of cloud computing and virtualised infrastructures plays an essential role in enabling the transition towards a distributed global community, enhancing collaborative work and tackling the challenges of big data.
The cooperation between Europe and Brazil seeks to sustain and enhance the social and economic conditions, increase competitiveness, creating jobs, and addressing common global challenges in areas like energy, international cyber policy, sustainable development, climate change, and the environment.
Policy collaboration to date has included work on identifying barriers that may preclude the adoption of cloud-based services in Europe and in Brazil and on identifying concrete joint initiatives to minimise such barriers.Current EU-Brazil collaboration is expected to advance cloud-centric applications for big data, and move forward towards facilitating policy coordination between the EU and Brazil.

EUBra-BIGSEA is committed to making a significant contribution to the cooperation between Europe and Brazil in the area of advanced cloud services for Big Data applications. EUBra-BIGSEA facilitates the integration of European and Brazilian technologies and experiences to bring forward scientific innovation through a use case scenario approach that is important for both Europe and Brazil, furthermore it is looking into the current challenges, research and innovation opportunities and highlighting as well the relevant EU-Brazil joint effort initiatives in the areas addressed.

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